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Custom-Made Portrait Illustrations


To alleviate the pain of having to spend hours trying to find the perfect gift for someone, I deliver custom-made portrait illustrations that are sure to delight any recipient! You can commission me to create a personalized drawing portrait for yourself, or as a gift for someone you know. Have me create a visual replica of your unique personalities- quirks & all!


Who is ARI?



I've always been fascinated by the human mind and its psychology for as long as I can remember. Dreams and the human mind are both places where the subconscious roams free and where creativity is unleashed.

I am an artist and photographer, currently based in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. I enjoy drawing, painting, animated-movies-watching, daydreaming, and world-travelling.


There's an ARI portrait for everyone.


Contact Me

If you would like to commission me to make something for you, or are curious about anything- go ahead and reach out to me: 

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